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Flower delivery - FOR FREE

Flower delivery Prague 4

Flower delivery by courier to Prague 4 is a very popular service. The simplicity of ordering a bouquet online, paying by card and handing it over by courier at the workplace or at a private address is highly appreciated by customers. You place an order in the comfort of your home, office or on the road. Simplicity will surprise you.

When ordering, you determine the time of delivery of the flower. You can select a time zone of 3 hours. If this band is too wide for your needs, write us your request in the field "Instructions for us" in the form. We will deliver the bouquet today by 2 o'clock.

We most often hand over bouquets to a private address and at work. Other places of delivery are, for example, theaters, doctor's offices, restaurants. We do not limit the place of delivery, it is up to you.